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our story

Several generations of experience

The family business started operations in the spring of 1999 in Tartu County, where strawberry, raspberry and sea buckthorn plantations were established on returned farmland.

Our story

Since the company lacked knowledge in the early years, researchers from the Estonian University of Life Sciences were a great help to us at that time, who taught us what and how to put down. By now, we have gained a lot of experience and skills to apply in our daily work.

For now, we have stuck to growing sea buckthorn, but we also use other well-known vitamin-rich berries to make our products - black currant, chokeberry, blueberry and cranberry.

The first sea buckthorn product was sea buckthorn jam made in 2004, which is still in our product range and very popular with our customers. Whole juices, berry flours, sea buckthorn liqueur were added to the product range. In 2013, we launched a product that is a pleasant boost for every day, Semu sea buckthorn nectar in a convenient package. The first production was on a significant date - February 14, 2013, which is now celebrated as Semupäiv. As part of the Estonian Best Foodstuff 2014 competition, the honorable jury rated Semu sea buckthorn nectar as worthy of the 2nd place in the category of small companies in Northern Estonia.

Today, the family company is being developed by the third generation – children and grandchildren continue the work started by their grandparents.